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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick tips for google adsense approval

Google adsense application will only be approved if your blog has complied with their standards. So, here's what i did with my blog before applying for adsense: 1.I put enough unique and original contents 2. Furnished with the necessary gadgets/ in the page element tab 3.Promoted my blog by driving more traffic. Indeed i drove traffic, which reach to more than a thousand in just a week, from the time i officially launched my blog. At that time, i felt so confident about my blog, so the following week i submitted my application for google adsense and within just a few days after they reviewed my site, my application was approved and i already have a Publisher ID. Upon the approval, i was so happy that i am officially a google adsense Publisher. Enabling me to display google ads on my blog and make money out of it. So, that's what i simply did for my google adsense account application to be approved. So what are you waiting for? You too can do it!


  1. Hi,Thanks for the tips.I have applied for adsense nearly 1 week ago.But still no response from Google.According to Google help it says this can take up to 1 month.Is it true.

  2. Thank you for these tips! Just applied a few minutes ago and still waiting for the approval. Hope I get it. God Bless po!