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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Me and my blogs

When i finally recieved the email from google adsense (an email i've been aching to recieve) stating that my adsense application has been approved. I log in to my new approved adsense account with eagerness and integrated adsense to my first blog right away. It took only 10 minutes or even less for google ads to appear on my blog and within that same day, I am already earning dollars. Thus, by the quick turn of events, I have proven for myself that blogging really earns dollar and ''it's really for real!'' I am really convinced with blogger and google adsense at that time alone. And It really inspires me more to write more unique and original contents for my blog and i even created more blog to earn additional dollars to my account. Currently, I already have 3 blogs and has no plans yet to stop creating more blogs. With the developments of my blogs and the way I am earning dollars right now. There's only one thing in my mind ''Blogging is really a proven and tested way to earn dollars.''

Want to earn dollars online or even if you aren't? (your blog is open 24/7) Go blogging now!

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