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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monetize your Blog

Aside from the fact that blogging allows us to express ourselves, manifest our passion in writing and serves as an outlet to our cravings in writing whether base on our personal life, advocacies, interests and skills. Earning dollars should be considered as one of our primary objective in blogging, not just only to compensate the time we spent in front of the computer, the hardwork and energy spend in writing for contents, but let's face the reality that we belong to a monetary world and we need to feed ourselves, buy our needs, help our family  and other people through monetary means.  Monetary consideration should be one of our goals in blogging, so I highly recommend to monetize your blog to earn a living out from your hobby and later the possibility of becoming your career with unlimited possibilities or  start a career right now in blogging and become one of the highest dollar earning blogger someday. 

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