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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Top Secret!!!

I have shared some of my personal ideas related to blogging which i have learned through my  blogging experiences, like procedures, methods, some secrets and most especially my ''ups,'' but there can be a one top secret that i cannot divulge, which serves as a vital key to my accomplishments within a short period of time and believed to accomplish more with my blogging career.  Just like any business wherein they cannot fully divulge everything, especially with businesses in the food industry. They may share some of the ingredients of their delicacies or food products, but there will always be a secret ingredient that makes  their product so delicious and stand out from their competiting products, eg pizza, halo halo, ice cream.  There can always be a secret ingredient for every food products which the manufacturers will always opt to remain confidential. These secret ingredients are considered to be the key to a successful business.  Same thing with blogging as a career, I personally have a  secret element that i consider to be the x factor to stand out from the rest, which i cannot share it to you guys. But i assure you that as you go along with your blogging career, you will definitely discover my top secret, as long as you remain hardworking, patient, keen observer & stay clever regardless of your status in blogging.
And i must say that in blogging, experience is still the best teacher, we may have read so many articles about blogging but experience remains the most effective teacher. Indeed, most of my blogging discoveries, techniques and strategies are coming from my own personal experience.    


  1. tnx for sharing your thought. im still a newbie in blogging world and still trying to learned a lot of things when it comes to blogging.

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