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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The blogger’s World: “A Biodiversity’’

It’s the modern technology and the internet opens the door for bloggers like me.  Doing almost all the usual routines or ‘must dos’ of a blogger, I got the chance to get acquainted and familiarize with the blogger’s life, and what I noticed about the bloggers world, It consist of several components and factors, which a blogger needs to handle, deal and most of all to ‘co-exist’ with all of these.  You have the blog networks, which rely on the bloggers as the main visitor and market of their sites and you have the bloggers who also rely on blog networks and other traffic builders like the Social Networking Sites and co-bloggers as well, as they support each others blog. Vice versa! So, there is really the “give and take” mechanism going on over here. The Bloggers’ World lives and continue to prosper because of all the components and factors I have mentioned. And I thinkt, they can’t live without the other, therefore you must learn how to co- exist and how to tame the bloggers community, in order to create a name for yourself and be successful within the bloggers’ world, because if you succeed in the bloggers’ world, you also can be a successful blogger, as an individual as well. 

1 comment:

  1. Good post and I totally agree being a new blogger! I am learning it all works 2gether!