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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blogging: ''how i started?''

I have been hearing about making money through blogging for the past four years, but questions ''Is it really true or just a trick?, how can making money be possible?, can i reall y make it?, can I be a successful blogger?, how do i start blogging?'' so many questions running in my mind and my innocence about blogging stops me from trying, as doubt seems to rule my mind at that time, so I haven't tried then, not until last February.
It all started in a casual talk with a friend, just over the phone. Well' that time i was sharing to her some tips on mobile phone, which i have learned from my own phone, and she told me '' I'm sure there are a lot mobile phone users who have encountered or may encounter, the same same experiences with yours. so, why don't you share it with them to help them go about their mobile phone and most of all, to prevent them from frustrations in dealing with their own gadgets, which i did go through in the past. But i replied, how can i?, so she told me, why don't you put up a blog for you to share it with other people. Through her encouragement and my passion to share lights up my interest to learn ''What's a blog?, How to blog? Because we, both have no idea about it. So, from that fateful casual talk, my blogging career started.

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